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"A property manager's signature shopping center & facility repair company"

Maintenance Services Provided

Concrete Repair
• New installation and concrete repair of dumpster pad, walkway, curb and gutter, driveways, drainage, handicap ramps, sidewalk, patios.
• Bollard installation and repair.
• Car stop installation.
• We can saw cut, excavate & haul away failed concrete area. For certain jobs wire mesh is applied for extra strength. Pour new concrete (specific thickness & strength). Finish with broom finish or slick finish.

Roof Maintenance
This includes gutter cleaning, caulking roof caps and roof decking repair.

Retention Pond Cleaning
Certified by GSWCC (Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission)
We conduct all aspects of retention pond cleaning depending on your needs.

Our company specializes in line striping, direction arrows, handicaps, curb and pole base painting, custom stencils and installation of traffic signs. Striping also enhances the beauty and image of your business.

Pressure Washing
We provide professional and complete center cleaning.

Complete Sign Service
Provide and repair full line of Traffic, ADA/Handicap, No Parking, No Loitering signs. These can be personalized to your specific needs. We also hang temporary and permanent banners/leasing signs.

Ice Melt
Taylor Service Company contracts to spread ice melt and shovel snow on front sidewalks, front stairs and elevated sidewalks between buildings. We DO NOT INCLUDE parking lots in our emergency service. We will be glad to go back as time permits and clean front parking lots as requested by the property manager for a specific center.

We provide on-site portable welders for any need you may have.

Inspections, repair and new equipment are a few of the services we provide in the HVAC area.

Vacant Space Cleanout and Inspections


Glass/Window Repair/Replacement






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