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Asphalt/Parking Lot Repair

As business owners you know how important first impressions are. The first thing your customers see is your storefront and parking lot. Are your customers passing you by and you are not even aware of it? Are they assuming the inside of your business is maintained the same way the outside is? We offer a full line of pavement solutions. It may be time for a face-lift. A black parking lot with freshly painted lines is appealing to the eye and welcoming to customers.

Proper maintenance of your parking lot can save thousands of dollars. It is not just the costly repairs that will arise from improper maintenance but also your legal liabilities. There are several areas of asphalt repair that include:

Potholes are bowl-shaped openings that usually have raveled edges and can be up to 10 inches deep. They occur when the top layer of the asphalt surface has worn away, exposing the base.

Areas of failed asphalt that are severely damaged are saw cut, excavated, properly hauled away and replaced with new hot-mix asphalt to full depth. New asphalt is compacted and rolled to standards

Seal coating your lot provides the following advantages:

• Prevents gas, oil, and salt damage. Only coal tar sealer protects asphalt against the highly damaging effect of gas and oil seepage and all other road chemicals, especially winter salt.
• Stops weather damage. Sealing asphalt prevents accumulation of moisture and water seepage in porous pavement structures.
• Prevents oxidation. The sun's rays harden and dry out the asphalt surface. This accelerates raveling and can reduce asphalt thickness by as much as half in just five years.
• Reduces maintenance costs. The smooth, even surface of sealed pavement makes sweeping, snow removal and maintenance simpler and cheaper.
• Beautifies pavement. Sealing provides an attractive slate black appearance and restores the original color to asphalt.

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